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Hearing Specialist Jason CurtisHearing Specialist Jason Curtis


It all started when…
Phillips Hearing Center has been in business since September, 1972 and was founded by Dick Phillips. Dick established the business based on hard work, strong work ethics, and strategic marketing. Since turning the business over to the new owners, Lisa and Jason Curtis, the business continues to thrive based on these basic principles.

A new beginning…
As the new owners, Lisa and Jason both bring their extensive histories of working in the hearing industry to Phillips along with knowledge of new technologies, innovative solutions, and a fresh approach to serving the community. Lisa’s expertise stems from her years of working for Starkey Laboratories in Minneapolis, MN. Prior to moving to Idaho, she was helping them with their business acquisitions and before that she had been involved in their human resource department, recruiting and training the company’s key personnel. Jason has dedicated a decade of his life to the hearing industry. His latest experience had been working with Starkey Laboratories in Minneapolis as an Independent Consultant. He dedicated his time and energy traveling across the country to assist hearing aid dealers with growing their businesses and training them on the latest and greatest technology available.

When the opportunity to continue on Dick’s legacy of providing hearing solutions to their community became available, the Curtis’ jumped at the chance to continue on with the business and make it their own. They realized that Phillips Hearing Center was a way that they could utilize their combined experience to contribute to their local community. In the process of purchasing Phillips Hearing Center, the Curtis’ also identified a strategic opportunity to purchase All American Hearing in Pocatello, ID. It is now a solid extension of Phillips Hearing Center.

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